Clark County Picasso

Empowering People with Disabilities Since 1994

IMG950133James Finley our resident Clark County Picasso! James truly enjoys painting as a way of expressing himself and loves to share his talent and joy with others.. Mr Finley was on a mission to find out information from April Grigsby Director and Kathy Maddy his Site Supervisor on just what makes them happy! James would come into the office and have regular conversations so “WE” thought! to gain information to create . James decided after all his information gathering that April was a Beach, margarita, flip flops kinda of girl and Maddy was a homebody who loved rainbows and butterfly’s. One day James came into my office as I was working away on the computer and slide into my office so quickly I didn’t even see him hide the painting below my desk. He talked to me for a few minutes and then VOILA he pulled out my one of a kind masterpiece and presented it to me.I was so touched that James took all that time and effort to do this for me! I look at my beach seen daily and show it to everyone that enters my office.

James took another approach with Kathy Maddy. He went into Kathy’s office while she was busy doing other things then had her go into her office and find her beautiful one of a kind painting he had created for her. Both Kathy and April Cherish the beautiful work of art and James Finleys TALENT & HEART!